Riute Unes

Religious changeling cleric


Riute is a changeling, but usually, he assumes a form of non-descript middle-aged human. He believes in divine force of transformation and worships it. He is using crescent and seven stars as a holy symbol.


Riute was born in a family of traveling healer. He spent his childhood in endless travels with his family from settlement to settlement, never staying for long in one place. His father taught him all he knew about various beliefs of Khorvair and magical mysteries of the world. When the Last War started a lot of small settlements were almost abandoned, it was hard to earn money as traveling healer. Riute decided to leave family and joined the army of Breland as a field medic.

During one of the bloodiest battles that preceded the Day of Mourning Riute was knocked down on the battlefield. When that battle was over he came to his senses and heard the divine voice. He crawled through the battlefield to find deadly wounded soldier half-buried under other bodies. He tried to understand whether the soldier was friend or enemy, should he try to save him or finish him. Suddenly he heard the voice: ‘’Come and see!’’. And he saw how vines grew through the corpse, like in fast-forward he saw how the world is changing around him, the whole circle of death, rebirth, and transformation. After a few moments of this overwhelming vision, he lost his consciousness.

Later he regained his consciousness and saw stars and crescent through the vines that covered pikes and swords sticking from the corpses. This symbol will guide him through future ordeals from now on.

After the War he joined his former brother in arms to continue his journey. They performed tasks for House of Canith and Brelish secret agency The Dark Lanterns. While this missions made some friends in high places they attracted a number of dangerous enemies. The Order of Emerald Claw and followers of Lord of the Blades in particularly.

Riute Unes

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