Shadows of Eberron

Village near Gloaming

10th of Vult, 998YK

Heroes were led to the great druid Oalian to deliver the message. It was disturbing message indeed. There were a lot suspicious cult activities around Khorvier. But adventurers arrived in the time of need and timing of their arrival were perfect. Just in a few days, the druid was planning to hold a divination ritual to uncover the location of the dangerous summoning ritual.

The group agreed to help druids to disrupt ritual. Connor volunteered to get a rare component for the ritual, while his friends decided to relax and rest.

They were walking through Greenheart aimlessly when Layrreth met a ranger who seemingly knew him. After a few words he told him strange phrase: “In the Autumn of Blood, the Kingdom of Orbs shall rise”. It was strange and sowed a certain distrust between him and other group members.

Finally, the next day ritual was performed and it revealed that place of interest is located on the border of Gloaming, sinister part of the forest, which is home to many monstrous insects. It is also the holy place for Children of Winter. Heroes set out of the Greenheart, they had little time to prevent ominous ritual.

Travel was fast and safe: local druids and rangers granted adventurers free and safe passage. Finally, they were not far away from Gloaming, when they were confronted by Children of Winter patrol. They were naturally distrustful to people outside their druidic tradition but the word about Broken Swords and their pledge to help got around druidic circles in Towering Forest. So eventually after short squabble, they retreated but continued observation.

Eventually, Broken Swords arrived at the small village near Gloaming, which was approximately in the predicted location of the ritual. The old sign didn’t betray its name and it looked old and abandoned. When they walked in they saw a few people who cautiously watched them, hiding in their old and almost decrepit houses. The old church of Sovereign Court rose above the village on the hill in its center. It was evening and the shadows darker than usual started to fall.


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