Shadows of Eberron

Journey to Greenheart

4th of Vult, 998 YK

The Broken Blades returned from the King’s Forest destroying bandits that were turned into the abominations by unknown cultists. They collected hefty reward from House Vadalis and knight rangers, but the horrors of the cultists’ hideout demanded resolution. So Connor insisted that they must travel to the Greenheart and deliver the message to the Great Druid Oalian.

Adventurers booked tickets to the Passage immediately. They decided to take lightning rail to the passage and rent Orien coach to the Greenheart. The whole journey takes slightly more than 20 days. Everyone was taking their time to rest and they arrived at Passage with little interruption. It took a little time to rent Orien wagon and they were on their way to Greenheart.

Eventually, the Broken Swords arrived at Eldeen Reaches. Last part of they way the had to travel by feet. Not far from the Greenheart they met a huge horrid bear. The bear wasn’t glad to see them, but Connor defused the situation. Eventually, after half an hour, orc druid appeared. After a short talk, he let them pass and finally, adventurers arrived in Greenheart – spiritual center of all druids on Khorvier.


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