Mighty half-orc barbarian


Krag is middle-aged mighty half-orc covered in scars, signs of past battles and ordeals. He is tall, strong and carries unusually sharp two-handed sword. Krak is a man of few words but he is a faithful companion who always ready to stand beside his friends against any danger.


Krak was born in an orc tribe in Shadow Marches. He is half-orc but it seems that he has more orc blood than human. Little known about his life before the war. During the war, he showed himself as the brave warrior and return home as decorated veteran, famed fierce berserk.

He decided to find a nice girl and leave peaceful life. Finally, he met Macyanya, unusually gentle and kind orc girl. After a few months, he pledges his hand, sword, and fang to her but was rejected. He was too fierce for family life and shadows of last war didn’t let him sleep deep peaceful slumber at night. Finally, he left his settlement to find peace for his restless soul and to learn how to be good and gentle.

One fateful night he met his former companions from the war in a tavern in Sharn. He traveled with them ever since being faithful friend and protector for his much weaker friends.


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