Dominic Thorven


Dominik is a kalashtar of slightly above average height with black hair and dark green eyes. He looks like a human as all kalashtar and can not be easily distinguished from human population as such. He has a calm character and somewhat reclusive. Born in Karrnath he talks rarely about his past and involvement in Last War.


Dominik was born in Karrnath family of wizards. He studied magic in the academy from an early age and showed promising results. He successfully graduated the academy and became a wizard with specialization in necromancy. Since he was quite successful in the art of necromancy military employed him as a commander of the undead regiment.

During the war alliances were made and broken; as a result during one of the battles he was allied with brelish forces and met Conor, Krak and Riute Unes.

After Last War was ended he traveled seeking to achieve the goals only he knew about. A few years later he met with other veterans of Last War and they decided to band together.

Dominik successfully performed few missions for Dark Lanterns and House of Canith with his newly found old friends. After the last mission in which they were tasked to find and retrieve dangerous rogue brelish spy he disappeared with Soul Blade, powerful magical longsword. Nobody knows his whereabouts today.

Dominic Thorven

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