Skillful hunter and tracker


Conor is a human of average height with blond hair and blue eyes. He is a skilled hunter and tracker and faithful companion to his brothers in arms. He openly worships Balinor, The Sovereign of Horn and Hunt.


Conor was born and raised in farmer’s family. His father was a hunter and taught his son to the art of the hunt and how to handle bow well. During the last war, he employed his skill as a scout. During war time he met a lot of dwarfs and elves in his squadron, that is how he learnt dwarven and elvish languages.

After the war was over he banded together with former battle companions. He and his party worked successfully for House of Canith and Brelish secret agency The Dark Lanterns. They made some friends there but they made even more enemies among Emerald Claw and Followers of the Lord of the Blades. Lady Elaydren of the house of Canith is particularly owned a favor for their faithful services.

He didn’t visit family home since the war, but deep inside he wants to come back and give his father a trophy fo some really rare beast. So his father can be proud of him.


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