Shadows of Eberron

Layer of the Bandits

9th of Aruth, 998 YK

The next morning Conor tracked the trail to the lair of bandits. Adventurers carefully scouted surroundings to ensure that there is only one entrance. It was the dark, gaping maw of the cave. Krak’s eyes pierced the darkness of the cave and he saw two disgusting creatures: dolgrims. Dolgrims a terrible product of daelkyr magic – two goblins fused together.

Adventurers charged bravely into the cave, crushing down two dolgrims. About eight strange bandits engaged them in battle and heroes slowly advanced throw their ranks, killing them to the left and to the right. Layrreth was knocked down for a few seconds, but Riute Unes was able to bring back him from the brink of death, thanks to his divine magic.

Finally, bandit leaders entered the combat, throwing curses and summoning terrible monsters to kill adventurers. Krak with the support of his friends was able to go through the ranks of bandits as a hot blade through butter and killed enemy leaders.

After bandits were dead Riute Unes a symbol on the body of one of the leaders. It was definitely the symbol that one of the Cults of Dragon Below could use. These were a disturbing news especially together with the fact that they controlled horrid animal somehow. They also found in one of the cells almost dead ranger, named Radric, who was transformed beyond any recognition. Before he died ranger employed heroes to go to the Great Druid Oalian in Eldeen Reaches and deliver his message to him with the symbol of the cult and any notes they found.

Searching the hideout they found a lot of valuables that were probably the result of the robberies. Heroes also found a number of bodies, most likely the results of unsuccessful experiments.

It seems that Order of the Emerald Claw is not the only enemy they should be careful about after all.


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