Shadows of Eberron

Griffon Fruit

8th of Aruth, 998 YK

Finally, adventurers arrived at the place near the grove, where Griffon Fruit can be found. The territory around the grew more silent with every step, only a few small animals and birds can be found around. Silent aura of threat surrounded forest when heroes entered the grove.

Suddenly from nearby bushes horrifying tiger jumped and grabbed Krak starting to tear him apart. This tiger was bigger and meaner than any tiger Conor and his friends encountered or saw before. Covered with numerous scars he was a terrifying killing machine. With tremendous effort they were able to distract tiger and get Krak out of his grasp. Shortly the vicious animal was dead, it will terrorize grove and nearby territory no more.

Get a Griffon fruit after it was a simple task. Conor took a rope and climb up the palm. He waited several hours for the moonlight to get fruit when it ripens. After these adventurers decided to camp half a mile away from the grove for the night.

While Conor was on the watch he heard suspicious noise from the grove. He immediately woke up everyone and then quenched fire immediately. After a few minutes standing in the darkness and trying to listen to the noise from the direction of the grove Layrreth decided to sneak there. When he silently arrived at the grove he saw four pale humans with empty eyes and large horrible wolf covered in bone plates with acid dripping from his jaws. He tried to retreat back, but wolf got his scent and moved swiftly to his location. Shortly Layrreth was back at the camp with enemies at his heels.

The battle was short and vicious. Krak was locked down in the battle with the wolf, backed by Riute Unes and his divine force. Layrreth was knocked out by a bandit with greataxe shortly after the battle began. Conor tried to calm strange wolf and neutralized him for several minutes. That was enough to overcome other enemies and ensure victory.

Conor recognized that wolf was a horrid animal. Horrid animals were created by druids to fight the aberrations. Other enemies were strange aberrations. The fact that the controlled horrid animal was very disturbing. Party decided to move further away and break a new camp. Conor felt he was obligated to pay a visit to Jungle Boys.


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