Shadows of Eberron

Expedition to King's Forest

5th of Aruth, 998 YK

This was the month of Aruth. The weather grew colder and rains set in. Dominic Thorven disappeared with a Soul Blade just before group delivered Lucan corpse to Viorr, captain of Dark Lanterns. This was a quiet week, nothing amazing happened. Riute Unes made some coin as a healer; Krak spent money in a local taverns drinking and relaxing; Conor was busy with a small-time job: helping trader to get rid of goblin infestation in his storage facility.

During one of the drinking evenings Krak met an elf Layrreth. After a few drinks and shared stories, he promised to introduce to the rest of a party.

After a week Conor caught a rumor that House Vadalis need able adventurers for an important mission. Without delay, adventurers departed to Vadalis enclave to offer their services.

They were met by house clerk who quickly assessed them as passable candidates. Mission was simple and difficult at the same time. Party needs to venture into the forest and acquire rare Gryphon Fruit. The catch is that fruit will be ready to ripen in three days. The other problem is Knights Rangers (people who guard borders of the King’s Forest). They don’t allow anyone in the forest.

To get the access in the King’s Forest adventurers decided to pick another job for Knight Rangers. They heard that local bandits, named Jungle Boys, are causing trouble. Forces of Knight Ranger are stretched too thin and they can’t get rid of these poachers and robbers. Since they were quite popular in certain circles Knights Rangers were glad to make a deal.

Party entered the forest in the middle of a day. Conor easily assessed surroundings and took the point to show the way. The first day was uneventful except for occasional snakes and strange flowers that party decided to walk around. While breaking the camp they attracted the swarm of wild monkeys. But Conor was able to shoo them away. They have to move fast in the morning: only two days left to retrieve the fruit…


No one noticed a brilliant speech of the long eared fellow – sad.

Expedition to King's Forest

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Expedition to King's Forest
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